Monday, May 17, 2010

A fun time in the city

This weekend was a blast! 

We spent Saturday with work friends and their kids.  We went to Belle Isle, rode the People Mover and took in a puppet show at PuppetART Dertoit.  

Another block done

This is my first block that I finished.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out, since this was my first ever attempt at hand applique.

Here is my second block.  This one has a few wonky parts - but hey, I am still learning. 

The part that gave me the most trouble were the circles.  I just couldn't seem to get them round.  In the end I stitched them to interfacing and turned them right side out.  They still aren't very round, but that is probably my fault since I don't think I took enough time when sewing the circles on my machine. 

Not to mention I caught my thumb in my machine when I was finishing up the sewing, so I did all the hand stitching with a bunch of band-aids on my thumb.  I got it caught between the machine and the needle screw - I have a few nice gashes and a very large blister and MAN does it hurt!  I have got to learn to take my time!