Thursday, October 7, 2010

The baby has gone home

I am totally bummed that my niece and her parents have gone home to Miami.  We had the most wonderful visit with them this last week.  Zella is just an amazingly beautiful little girl.  Her smiles are just intoxicating.

I am now trying to figure out how to get them to move back here so I can see them all the time.  My only saving grace is that we will be headed down to their neck of the woods in a few months for Christmas.

Ran had so much fun with her.  He was amazing.  Every morning the first thing he would ask is if he was going to get to see Zella again after school.  I think feeding her was his favorite.  It was so wonderful to see how gentle he was with her.  To every ones amazement though he has NOT asked us about having a baby brother or sister - which is a good thing since he is going to be our one and only!

Ted, Gennis & Marczella - if you are listening - Please come home!  I promise you will never need to hire a babysitter!