Friday, January 7, 2011

The 52 Project

So, apparently I am the cause of my cousin's new adventures in sewing.  I guess that isn't such a bad thing, since sewing is one of my great loves.  My amazing mother taught me how to sew back when I was a very young child.

Dolls I made back in the early 80s
 Over the years I have worked at honing my skills and made everything from dolls to toys to clothing to quilts.  Some years I have made almost nothing, however since the birth of my son 5 years ago I have become completely addicted to my sewing machines (I own 3).  My pattern collection has grown.  My fabric stash is bursting at the seams - which probably comes from my complete inability to throw anything fabric away. 

My cousin (and bestest friend in the world) has decided to commit herself to a year of crafting/sewing and I have decided to try to join her:
The 52 Project
Every week we will be tackling (and trying to complete) a new sewing or crafting project. 

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