Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My little recycler

 Okay, to start with I have yet to do the first of my 52 projects.  This week we are making Lil Blue Boo's Sienna Dress.  It is an absolutely wonderful pattern for a adorable dress using recycled t-shirts.  I have made a number of these dresses already for friends and family.  Here is a small selection of the ones I have made already.

This week I am going to tackle some for dear little cousin Lily Bean.  I have the perfect t-shirts for her, I just have to get in gear and start working on them.  The pattern is a wonderful pattern that you can download in .pdf form and comes in sizes from 6 month up to 6 years. 

On to my real story of the day...

I am proud of my little man - the recycler.  He is great about recycling everything and anything.  He is also learning the art of sewing and its benefits.  Recently he made his first sewing project for school.

Yesterday at school his backpack got broken.  I assured him on the walk home that I could, and would, fix it.  His response to that was, could I please make him a new backpack instead - one with Spider-man on it.  I told him I could, but that I didn't have any Spider-man fabric right now.  He looked up at me and simply said "well, you can take some of my Spider-man shirts and use those."  When we got home he even brought me his beloved shirts that I could use.  Well, I didn't make a new backpack yet - fixing the old one took me about 5 minutes to replace the broken piece.  I guess a backpack project is in the future!

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