Friday, January 21, 2011

Treasures from Grandma Gizella

Over the Christmas vacation we hit the road for sunny and warm southern Florida.  We stayed with my brother in my Grandmother's old house in Dania Beach, that Great-Grandpa actually built.  It was a houseful!  Me, Marcus, & Ran, plus my parents and my youngest brother.  Not to mention his dog Duke.  All in the 2 bedroom house!

 It was a vacation, but we did a bit of cleaning while we were there.

One of the things we cleared out for my brother was the linen closet.  It was a treasure trove of wonders!  He told us we could take any of grandma's things that we wanted.  I think he was afraid to have all the vintage things, afraid they would get ruined by bugs or mice.

Here is a selection of what we found.

Poppy sheet set - I think Lily will get a pillowcase dress from these!

A beautiful cross-stitched linen hanky

Pillowcases with the most incredible cut work.
None of these photos do any justice to these lovely vintage linens.  I have yet to learn the finer points of photographing linens.

Check back later to see the most incredible find of the trip!

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