Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week #4 - Make Something For Hubby

Challenge: Make Something for My Husband

Project: Underwear (boxer brief style)

Over the years I have made a few things for hubby. 

Some have been hits.  Like his favorite winter hat that I made many years ago.

Or the rockin' Jim Morrison shirt I made last year for his Halloween costume. 
And the softie I made him a few years back when he really wanted a pug, but we already had 3 dogs.

 There have a few misses though.  The most recent was when I tried to make him long johns for Christmas.  They ended up so darned big you could have fit two of us in them.  I was able to easily fix the top by adding ribbing and cutting down the sleeves.  However, I have yet to tackle the pants. 

Hubby is always complaining about not having enough underwear.  We haven't bought any new ones for him in a while and the existing ones area starting to wear thin and get a bit holey.  My goal is to cut apart a pair of his well fit store bought undies to draft a pattern from and make him some new boxer briefs. 

If he pisses me before I get done with the project he might just end up with a few pair of pink ones!
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