Monday, February 14, 2011

I just can't stop...

Hi, my name is Mirja and I am a resale shop addict. 
 I am completely unable to drive past a resale shop without stopping in. 
I am completely unable to go into a resale shop without buying at least one t-shirt (usually it is at least 5).

I am completely obsessed with making kids clothes from recycled t-shirts. 
My beautiful niece, Marczella, with just a few of her dresses

The problem is that I now have more shirts now then I know what to do with!
These are shirts (over 100) that I came home with on one shopping trip alone!

I see a shirt and I just can't wait to make a funky dress for some totally rockin' little girl!

Some of my favorites are the ones that I have made for the sci-fi loving girls!

I sear I will stop buying shirts, some day...

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