Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 8 - Changing it up

I was originally supposed to be making something for the car.  That didn't happen. 
I really think I have been burned out with all the sewing I did over the last 2 weeks, so I decided to ease my way back into sewing for this weeks project.

About 8 months ago I started a fleece quilt for Ran.  I let him go through my fleece remnant stash and pick out all the patterns that he liked.  I cut them into squares and pieced them together to make what turned into a very large quilt top.  The whole thing has been finished for months.  Both the top and the back have been pieced and ready to go since the early fall, but I had yet to take that next step to baste them together.

This is a big quilt.  Ran has a full size bed and I wanted this sucker to take the place of his cruddy old comforter.  I spread them out in my living room wrong sides together and set out to pinning.  I wasn't to precise about smoothing out the top.   Fleece is pretty forgiving and I know Ran won't mind if it isn't perfect.

Next step has to get this giant sucker into my machine. 

I decided to do an easy grid pattern.  Sewing from corner to corner across each block. 

I think I am about half way done with the quilting.  When all the quilting is done I will do a quick serging around the edge. 

Now I would like to share some pictures of my favorite two little girls in the world.
My beautiful niece Marczella.

My beautiful cousin Lily modeling the new hat my mom knit for her.

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