Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week #10 - Something for the Kids

Week #10
Challenge: Something for the Kids
Project: Camp Fire Group Vests
Back when I was Ran's age my awesome mom started a Camp Fire group for me and my friends.  We had so much fun together over the years. 

This year I joined together with an old friend, Dana, to start a Camp Fire group for our kids.  We were friends back in the day when we were in Camp Fire.

We have 7 kids in our group.  We meet every other weekend and have fun doing a variety of different things.  So far we have made slime & goop, gone sledding, made a Christmas craft & sold candy to raise money.


Their uniform for the next few years includes a red vest to sew their patches onto. Instead of buying the vests I decided to sew them for the kids.  I made freezer paper stencils of their group name, the Camp Fire logo and their names so that they could help personalize their vests.

We also painted plain t-shirts. The kids really got into the painting fun. So did Marcus. He wore a plain t-shirt to the meeting, so he let the kids paint him!

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