Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Mother-in-Law has become an enabler

I love my Mother-in-Law.  She is a wonderful women that has put up with my quirks and differences over the past 15 years.  She accepted me into her family with open arms.
She even accepts my goofy gifts with a smile!

Now she has begun to enable my fabric addiction!
This weekend she presented me with some beautiful fabrics.
First she gave 3 yards of a beautiful floral rayon. 
I took one look at it and knew exactly what I was going to make out of it!
I just got the new Summer 2011 Ottobre (my favorite sewing magazine EVER) and it has the perfect little girls dress!

I think the fabric will be perfect to make the dress on the right - using a white for the under fabric.
Plus with 3 yards - I have enough to make one outfit for my niece Zella and my cousin Lily! 

Then she presented me with these beauties.
They are antique crazy quilt pillow shams.  She saw them at a estate sale and thought of me immediately.
I don't know yet what I will make out of them. 

Maybe take them apart and use the pieces like patches to make a cool denim jacket? 
Something like this?
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