Friday, April 22, 2011

Week #13 - Custom Order from Mom

Midway through week 13 I got a call from my mother.  She asked if I could make her something for a baby shower she was going to the coming Saturday.  And since I have sooooo much free time I decided to humor her and whip up some baby cuties for her.

Luckily I always seem to have a backup stash of tag blankets laying around.  I started making these for Ran when he was a wee one and now every baby I know gets them! 

The next call I got from mom was to ask if I may have a cloth tote that she could give as a gift bag.  Totes are something else that I always seem to have made up also.  It is a great way to use up those heavier weight fabrics that you don't quite know what else to do with.

Earlier that week I had purchased a new tote pattern from Noodlehead

I just knew that this was the perfect time to try out the very cute pattern.
Friday morning (luckily it was my regular day off work) Ran and I hit Joanne Fabrics to find the perfect fabric for the tote for a baby boy. I let Ran pick out these adorable fabrics.
The tote went together perfectly.  The directions were wonderful and very easy to follow.   It ended up using half yards of three different fabrics and about a yard and a half of interfacing.  It also has a magnetic snap closure inside.

 Once it was all done it was very hard to give away.  I did pick up some really cute clearance fabrics that I will be making into a bag of my own soon.  I turned out the be a wonderful gift bag and was a real hit at the baby shower.

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