Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 17 - Hand Sewing

Week 17 - Hand Sewing
Project - Toys for Randall

Last summer I bought a ton of super fun patterns felt toy patterns from Gulf Coast Cottage
This was the perfect time for me to make up one of them.  There are so many wonderful patterns in their Etsy shop that you really must check out.  For this project I chose to make up the Felt Dinosaur Play Mat Tote.

The set includes a play mat with handles & pockets to store everything in.  Volcano with lava, palm trees, a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus, a Pterodactyl, a Brontosaurus and a Triceratops (my personal favorite)

With a little help from Ran we chose some really fun felt colors for the dinos.  Nothing to realistic for us!
They are pretty small, the mat measures 11" x 17", but since they are hand sewn they were still pretty easy to make. 

They are sewn together using a simple whip stitch.  I also added small seed beads for the eyes instead of french knots. 

Because you are stuffing some really small pieces, forceps came in really handy during the stuffing process.
I also haven't finished the play mat completely yet.  I need to sew on the pockets and handles.  Then the whole set can be stored in the mat/bag.

I also must confess that there was a little machine sewing involved.  I used my machine to sew the leaves together, the lake and mud pit to the mat and the sides of the volcano & the tree trunk.  It saved a lot of time!

Ran has already asked me to make some of the other patterns that I bought from Gulf Coast Cottage like...
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