Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 18 - Sewing While Traveling

Week 18 - Sewing While Traveling
Project - Inch Worms
Question - What do you do when you are out of town overnight by yourself and you completely forgot to bring any project to work on?
Answer - Find the nearest Joann's or craft store.

Last week when I hit the road for Northern Michigan I completely forgot to bring anything to work on. I was did remember reading material, but after 7 hours of driving I wanted nothing to do with reading.  I also knew if I didn't get something to do with my hands I would be asleep by about 4 in the afternoon.

A few days before I left I got a new craft book in the mail.

I am totally smitten with this book! One of the project that Ran picked out for me to make him was the Inchworm.  I realized as I was sitting in my hotel room struggling to stay awake that this little guy would be perfect

As luck would have it there was a Joanne's just a few miles from my hotel!  With the address plugged in my trusty GPS, off to the store I go.

The hardest part of buying supplies was remembering everything that I would need.  When you craft at home all your supplies are right there.  Since I didn't bring anything with me but the book I would need to buy everything.  The other hard part is knowing that every single thing that you are buying, you already own.

Project Supplies:

Felt - one piece per inchworm
As if I don't have enough of this already at home!

Cotton Floss - in colors to match the fleece

Buttons for the eyes
I think I already have enough buttons to line the road to Petoskey and back!

I have bags & bags of this because few years ago I bought two 20 pound boxes (no lie) of the stuff for a big project that I had severely overestimated.  So I bought the smallest bag I could find.

Hand Sewing Needles
Sure I have plenty of these at home, but one can never have to many needles, so I didn't feel to bad about buying these.

This one was tough.  I almost forgot to buy them.  I have soooooo many different pairs of scissors at home, so I bought the least expensive pair that looked like they would still cut fabric.

Once back at the hotel I used the back of a piece of paper I had tucked in my bag to trace the pattern out of the book.  No light box, so the hotel room window would have to do.

I didn't realize till I was back at my room that the one thing I did forget to buy were straight pins.  Since I had bought one of those bundle packs of needles I substituted those in their place.  Worked just fine!

In the end I made 3 different colored inchworms for Ran.
Ready for the final product?

I didn't make the glasses or the head scarf for them.  I also gave each of them a different mouth expression.  Ran loved them - so much that within just a few days of my being home the boy lost the green one!  I think he may have left it at school.

 Ran is also seen wearing the fabulous hat the my cousin Heather (and best friend), from over at How Do You Do This Again?, made him for his 6th Birthday.  Little Lily Bear modeled it for her blog.

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