Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 19 - A Birthday Present

First, I must confess that this 52 week challenge seems to have turned from me trying something new each week, so simply me making a necessary item each week.  This week was no exception.
On May 24th my amazing, fabulous and beautiful niece Marczella (and my namesake) turned 1!!!
They all live down in Miami and since traveling from Detroit simply wasn't an option for us this year, I wanted to make her something wonderful.

I decided to use this adorable pattern I found by Sarah of Dolls and Daydreams 

When I first saw her Babushka Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Pattern I knew that was the perfect gift!  I remember playing with my Russian Nesting dolls when I was a child.

The pattern is in pdf form, so you can start working as soon as you buy it over her Etsy shop.  The pattern was super super easy to follow, with wonderful photos and great descriptions of each step. 
It is also a wonderful way to use of some of the fabric scraps you have building up.

The mama doll has two pockets for the daughter dolls to nest into.  Their faces are felt with the features hand sewn and then appliqued onto the body.

The smaller dolls have little aprons and ribbon extras.  There are plenty of ways to accessorize these beauties with bows, flowers or buttons.  I chose not to since they are a gift for a 1 year old. 

So, if you get a chance you must pop over to Dolls and Daydreams and check out all her patterns and her wonderful blog!

While I was making these girls Ran asked if I could make a monkey.  I also bought a adorable monkey pattern from Sarah, so I was all set to go, which leads us to the next post - A Monkey for my Monkey.

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