Monday, October 24, 2011

CD Spinners with Ran

This afternoon Ran and I sat down for a little mother and son crafty time.  We decided to make some cd-spinners that we found in Family Fun.

It was a super fun and easy craft to make together. 
 We have a stockpile of old cds just waiting for some fun craft.  We also scrounged up some spare marbles and bottle caps.
I glued the marbles to the bottom of the cd and the bottle cap to the top, with hot glue. Ran decorated the discs.  There are templates on the web page that Ran colored in and we glued onto the discs with a glue stick.  On two of the we simply colored the discs with sharpie.

 The bottle cap makes it super easy to hold and spin the top.  Ran has already told me he wants to make more tomorrow!
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