Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh so busy

Last week my busy life got the best of me.  By the end of the week I was so worn out from sewing and everything else that I decided to take a break from the 52-project this week.  I was supposed to be making something for the car. 

I did finish a few other projects.

First up, the finished princess dresses for Maddie and Josie.
The dresses were delivered to the happy (surprised and delighted) girls on Friday just before the made their way to the airport for their Disney World trip.

Second I finally finished a set of soft baby stacking rings that I was commissioned to make for a lucky baby.  I used Heather Bailey's Happy Stacker Ring pattern.  I also made one for a baby shower present on Saturday.

I finished a long overdue hat using Izzy and Ivy's Jack and Jill Hat Pattern
Jack and Jill Hat Sewing Pattern

I also finished two sets of big sister little sister shirts - sorry no pictures - for the baby shower I attended on Saturday.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I had NO desire to do any sewing.  I did make a feeble attempt at trying to organize this mess...
But I was completely unsuccessful.