Monday, March 14, 2011

My Brother's Big News

I am the oldest of the three children in my family.  When I was a child, every year on my birthday I would wish for a little sister.  After my mother presented me with the second of my two brothers, I stopped wishing.  
I still wanted that sister, but I was afraid I would keep getting brothers instead. 
When I married my sweetie I still didn't get a sister, since hubby's only sibling is a brother.

Since my brother has updated his Facebook status, the news is out there and I am not spilling a big secret.

Yesterday he proposed to his girlfriend, Gennis, when they were down at their favorite park on Key Biscayne (they live outside Miami).

I am so excited that I will finally have someone I can call sister!  
They have a beautiful daughter together - Marczella - who will be turning one in May.
Zella is the most wonderful little niece that I couldn't ever have wished for.

Blue Plate Special Coming Right Up

Jessica has annonced the release of the Blue Plate Special sewing pattern on her blog Sweetie Pie Bakery
so I am now free to share what I have been working on with you guys.  I just love working with felt!  So much fun.  I also love how much my little man loves playing with all the things I make him.  We have already had a dinner party with his new play food.

First up is a burger with all the fixings - cheese, lettuce, pickles & a tomato.
I made the burger with a textured felt that gave it a cool grilled look.  For the bun top, I added seed beads instead of french knots.
 Then we have piping hot tomato soup with a few fishy crackers. Ran chose purple for his soup bowl.
A couple of grilled cheese sandwich and some yummy steak fries 

and finally spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread.