Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11 - Sew a Custom Request

Week 11
Challenge: Sew a Custom Request
Project: Pajamas for Ran

I will be the first one to admit that I have a tall child.  He has always been tall.  He has been off the growth chart since the day he emerged from my womb almost 6 years ago at 9.5 pounds and over 23 inches long.

He has continued to grow like a weed ever since!  Currently he is approximately 50 inches tall.

He seems to be constantly outgrowing his clothes.  Pants are the hardest thing for him to fit into.  He is tall, but very thin. 

His latest thing to outgrow is his pajamas  A few weeks ago he asked me to make him some new one piece pajamas.  He even picked out the fleece & the zipper color at Joann's last weekend.

Last night I set about making those PJs that he loves so much.  I really tried to get a picture of him wearing them, but last night was one of those times when he didn't want me to take any pictures.

Since I was making one pair I decided to go all out.  I made two pair of one piece pajamas, one shirt out of some of that super duper soft and cuddly fleece and 4 pairs of pants. 

These pants are short on purpose.  I didn't have enough to make full length pants, so I decided to go with a cropped style.  I figure it is going to be warming up sometime soon around here!

Week #10 - Something for the Kids

Week #10
Challenge: Something for the Kids
Project: Camp Fire Group Vests
Back when I was Ran's age my awesome mom started a Camp Fire group for me and my friends.  We had so much fun together over the years. 

This year I joined together with an old friend, Dana, to start a Camp Fire group for our kids.  We were friends back in the day when we were in Camp Fire.

We have 7 kids in our group.  We meet every other weekend and have fun doing a variety of different things.  So far we have made slime & goop, gone sledding, made a Christmas craft & sold candy to raise money.


Their uniform for the next few years includes a red vest to sew their patches onto. Instead of buying the vests I decided to sew them for the kids.  I made freezer paper stencils of their group name, the Camp Fire logo and their names so that they could help personalize their vests.

We also painted plain t-shirts. The kids really got into the painting fun. So did Marcus. He wore a plain t-shirt to the meeting, so he let the kids paint him!