Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Weekend with Bananas

Ran's weekend school project turned itself into my project for the week.

Ran's Kindergarten class has a class mascot - Bananas the monkey.  
Each of the kids gets to take him home for the weekend and keep a journal of their activities with Bananas. This was our weekend with Bananas.

First we took a trip to the Dairy Queen after school on Friday.  Ran really wanted to sit outside to eat, until he realized it was way to cold - I doubt it was even 30 degrees.

On Saturday Bananas joined us for our biweekly Camp Fire meeting and he hitched a ride inside Ran's jacket and helped us pick up trash at a local park.

On Sunday we took Bananas with us to visit a friends property where he was introduced to Rupert the turkey and some chickens. 

Throughout the weekend Bananas was forgotten a few times at the grandparents house.  I decided to use a pattern that I found in Leisl Gibson's,  of Oliver + S, fabulous new book - Little Things to Sew

It was fun and easy to make and went together in a little over an hour using some scraps, 4 buttons and some Velcro.  It straps on the front like a Baby Bjorn, with the straps crossing in the back and they Velcro in the front to the body of the carrier.  The stuffed animal or doll is held into the carrier with buttons.  It can be made adjustable by adding buttons to the straps at two different locations.  I also added a nice long strip of Velcro to the straps so that it will fit different sized kids.  I think I am going to make some more of these for my nieces dolls and stuffed animals.

Sorry the pictures aren't very good.  I finished up the carrier just before bedtime and I could barely get the boy to stand still long enough for me to take a picture.