Friday, April 15, 2011

I really am still around

Wow have I been busy.  You would think with taking last week off work to spend Spring Break home with Ran that I could have found some time to post.  I don't even think I turned my computer on the whole time I was home.  I have done lots and lots of sewing over the past 3 weeks and will try to get some updates for you this weekend.

I was finally able to finish Ran's fleece quilt! You may remember it from week 8.

This was a mighty big quilt in the end.  I haven't measured it, but it is big enough to fit his full-size bed with extra hanging over.  It is made completely out of fleece.  The top is pieced squares and the back is three different fleece yardages pieced to fit - I forgot to take a picture of the back - no batting involved.

 He loves it!
When I was piecing the top last year I had a lot of squares left over so at that time I made him a small lap quilt.  It also gave me a chance to figure out how I was going to do the quilting.  He was so excited to get a big quilt to match his little quilt.

For the quilting I did a simple corner to corner grid.  I say simple, but it was a serious challenge to get the entire full/queen size fleece quilt into my machine.

To bind the whole thing together I simply ran the edge through the serger.  Finished, just in time for the warmer weather...