Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Mermaid for the Birthday Girl

 As mentioned in my last post - I LOVE THESE PATTERNS!!! 
So far I think I have bought 16 of Sarah's patterns.

Mermaid Doll PDF Sewing Pattern Softie 
 My most recent purchase was this beauty
Mary Antoinette Doll PDF Sewing Pattern Dress Up Doll Clothes Skirt Shoes included

So, when our dear friends daughter turned 6 this summer I just knew that I needed to make one of Sarah's cute softies for Madeline.
I decided to make Maddie a Mermaid Doll.
If you haven't already done so, please head over and check out Sarah's blog or Etsy store.

Halloween Cuties

I think I have said this before, but I love Dolls & Daydreams softie patterns!

 When Sarah released her new Skeleton Softie
Skeleton Doll PDF Sewing Pattern Halloween Softie Day of The Dead Stuffed Toy 
And her new Witch Softie(Complete with broom directions!)

Witch Cloth Doll pdf Sewing Pattern Cute Halloween Softie skirt boots broomstick included

I just knew I had to make them!  I showed them to my mom who immediately asked if I could make the pair to decorate her door this Halloween season.  

Off to work I went creating some cuties for her.
 Here is what I cam up with.

The only real changes I had to make was not stuffing them very firmly so they would fit between the doors.  
I also had to add a strap the the witches broom so she could sling it over her shoulder.

By the time I finished up the pair my mom was in the hospital recovering from a double knee replacement.  Before hanging them on the door, I decided to take them to visit her.  She loved them (as did the nurses)!

Here they are taking a break in her bed while we headed off to physical therapy with my mom.

Now, as soon as Ran laid eyes on the skeleton he just insisted that I make one for him.
For his, I made the bones using an ivory wool blend felt.  I let him draw the mouth he wanted and then I embroidered it on.  He was so excited to see what he had envisioned and drawn made into reality.

Monday, October 24, 2011

CD Spinners with Ran

This afternoon Ran and I sat down for a little mother and son crafty time.  We decided to make some cd-spinners that we found in Family Fun.

It was a super fun and easy craft to make together. 
 We have a stockpile of old cds just waiting for some fun craft.  We also scrounged up some spare marbles and bottle caps.
I glued the marbles to the bottom of the cd and the bottle cap to the top, with hot glue. Ran decorated the discs.  There are templates on the web page that Ran colored in and we glued onto the discs with a glue stick.  On two of the we simply colored the discs with sharpie.

 The bottle cap makes it super easy to hold and spin the top.  Ran has already told me he wants to make more tomorrow!

First Halloween Party of the Season

On the 8th we went with our Camp Fire group out to Camp Wathana to enjoy a wonderful Halloween party. It was a beautiful day and the changing colors on the trees were beautiful.

They had tons of fun activities for the kids.
Roasting S'mores in the 80 degree weather!

 A hayride through the woods


And a dance for the kids.

To finish of the night they had a costume contest.

AND the winner is....
Ran the Dragon!