Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Crazy Start

You guys might remember the crazy weather that we had on Friday March 2nd?
Well, Friday March 2nd also just happened to be the day that we hit the road with my parents for the long drive from Detroit to Miami for my brother's wedding.
The Weather Channel is calling the weather that weekend "Potentially Historic".  We drove through that stuff, and let me tell you, it was INSANE!  We spent most of the day driving through rain storms.

THEN we hit Tennessee.  That is when things really got ugly.  The sky turned dark.  There was driving rain.  It was so windy it was scary.  Lightening was lightening up the sky left and right.  And then, it started hailing AND I just happened to be the one behind the wheel. 

The boy thankfully spent a good portion of the drive either watching movies on his iPod or sleeping.

We were desperately trying to get to our friends house outside Marietta, Georgia before we got sucked up in some tornado!  We made it there before the heavy rains hit at their house.  But we walked in the door, exhausted from a 16 hour trip that should have only taken 10, only to find out that we had to head straight for the basement.  Tornadoes had just been spotted in Marietta!

After spending an few hours hanging out in the basement we ventured upstairs.  Thankfully our car wasn't sucked up in some super-cell or smashed by some random tree.  Everything was safe and sound. 

We enjoyed the rest of our evening with some my hubby's best friend and family.

And according to Ran, the best part was playing with their dog, Sherbet!
The trip really did get MUCH better after that.  More to come.  Including Legoland fun!

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