Monday, October 8, 2012

Legoland Rocks!

 Legos are the number one toy in our house!  I think I love them just as much as Ran.  So, when we began planning out trip to Florida last March, I just knew that we had to make a stop to Legoland Florida.  
We decided to make the visit a surprise.  And what an awesome surprise it ended up being!  
The morning of out park visit started out really nasty.  The storm we drove through the day before hit Winter Haven that morning.  Thankfully it passed through quickly and the sun came out in time for us to hit the park.
My parents decided to go with us.  While they didn't ride any of the rides that day, they had a wonderful time also!
The park was well worth the trip.  There were so many fun rides and roller coasters.  The best part is that Ran was able to ride on ever single ride and there were almost no lines! 
Ran got to ride on his first roller coaster!
He got to drive a cool Lego boat!
We all got in on the fun!

He got to meet one of his favorite Bionicle characters - Stormer

 The life size Lego sculptures that are located throughout the park are absolutely incredible!

It was such a wonderful day. We let Ran decide how long we stayed and I think we pretty much stayed from opening till close!  In the end we had a very happy and very tired child (and parents and grandparents)!

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